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Basics of Health Insurance

Copayments and coinsurance - Payments you make each time you get a medical service.

Deductible - How much you have to first spend on covered services before the insurance company pays a portion of the covered services (except for free preventive services).

Out-of-pocket maximum - The most you have to spend on covered services in a year. After you reach this amount, the insurance company pays 100% for covered services.

Premium - The monthly cost you must pay to maintain your health insurance coverage. This is often referred to as "monthly premium".

How Is Health Insurance Priced?

Your price for health insurance is based on a few factors including your age, your income, your zip code, and the type of plan you select. You may qualify for special programs to lower your monthly payments and out of pocket expenses, depending on your situation.

Those who do not purchase health insurance could be charged you a penalty by the federal government. For example, a family of four will pay minimum penalty of almost $2100. Some people may actually pay less for insurance than they would for the penalty.

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